Monday, September 13, 2010

The Great and Powerful

Bal'a dash, malanore.

I, Nikodhemus, have been placed upon the soil of Azeroth for a purpose.  I care not for the struggles of men and orcs in the Great War.  My purpose, as should be the purpose of all beings, is one of conquest and domination.  My people have allied themselves with the piddling orc lead Horde, and it is from this pool that I am forced to choose my traveling companions.  It is with great fortitude that I allow such filth to accompany me as a necessity to my ascension to Godhood.  The power of a warlock is unmatched in the realms, and the demons at my command will rise me to greater and greater power.

Since starting my journey, I have already shown mastery upon the peoples of Azeroth, and have set my sights upon the spinning chaos that is called the Outland.  It is a strange place, rife with demonic hordes and possessed beings, however it has been my great pleasure to demonstrate my mastery upon the demons that call this rock home.  

This morning, I subjugated a rough band of <ahem> "adventurers", to assist me in investigating one section of the Auchindoun ruins known as the Mana Tombs.  Auchindoun appears to have once been a seat of power amongst the outlands, and is rumored to hold many treasures and terrible dangers, and the Mana Tombs was the power center.  Unfortunately, this exercised proved that I need to take exceptional care when choosing my team.

Piztai, my dominated Imp was my companion for this sojourn, as he is easy to control and provides adequate assistance as required.  This wing of Auchindoun had been overrun with these bird creatures who were playing at demonic control.  I was there to prove who the true master was; however I soon saw the true master of the collective.  A minor Demon Lord by the name of Nexus Prince Shaffar had taken over the bounty of the Mana Tombs and was reaping the benefits by controlling the bird-creatures.

My group and I were scattered no less than three times during our quest, which I blame myself for selecting the dunces I did as companions.  Perhaps had I summoned a more dominant Demon I may have held a tighter fist upon them?  Either way, after a long, bloody battle of magic and sword we brought Prince Shaffar down, and claimed the Mana Tombs for myself.  My journey continues...

P.S.  I've heard tell of a place called The Nexus somewhere on Azeroth.  Must check into that upon returning.

Sinu a'manore

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