Thursday, September 16, 2010

Da big bad Trolls

Ever notice how many o' da bad jujus be trolls, mon?  I don' mean da mixed groups o' jujus dat be a part o' Blackrock mines gang.  I mean whole clans o' brudda trolls done got mixed up wit' da bad mojo.  Even de home base in Durotar has got de bad troll bruddah's mixed up wit' dat Zalazane out on da island, ya know.  (I'm t'inking to go out t'ere and bong some sense into his t'ick head, mon.)

When I'm out not battlin da beasties, more often den not, mon,  I find meself firin' off on fellow troll brudda's, what should be mates, ya know.  Stranglethorn be et up with da Bloodscalp tribe an' some ot'ers roamin' around causin' mischiefs.  Den you got Zul'Farak, da old Troll city loaded wit' dem.  Sunken Temple be loaded too wit' da bad jujus, Zul'Drak on da ice continent, Zul'Aman, Zul'Gurub... I t'ought dat we was on da same team, mon!

Meybe we needs ta ret'ink dis alliance t'ing, ya know...

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