Saturday, September 11, 2010

Da Beginning, Mon

Hey there, mon!  I be Gulgagrimnah o' the Dark Spear Trolls, and I be writtin' me thoughts about me travels with da Horde on Azerot'.

Bein' a Huntah be de life, let me tell ya mon.  Everyt'ing I need be right at me feets... I be tamin' da beasts, skinnin' em for clothes, bashin' em for da meats.  I be at me eightyith summer, and I got da seasonin' for da best o' da best.  I've placed me feets over many a land on Azerot' and even beyond.

Today I lead a young brotha though the Whispering Caverns over in da Barrens, mon.  It be a nice place to find da ganja, but I be gatherin' the skins o' the raptors on me way through.  I took me ape Konda wit' me, he be needin' to stretch his legs and he likes travelin' to da old world.  Not'in' in dat place be too much trouble for me ta get me grip on, an' I didn't hear a single whisper.  I tink someone messin' with me, mon...

Tho' I be a many travelled Troll, I know there be many a dirt stretch I haven't wiggled me toes in, ya know.  I tink me aim is to see dem all, mon.

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